April Showers

Last night it rained (off and on today too), it was glorious.

I am one of those people that loves when it rains. My mood gets lighter and my nerves calm down. My head seems to clear as if the raindrops wash away all thoughts. I love a good rainy day.

Last night was a perfect night, as I crawled into bed I heard it. CRASH. A thunderstorm was on its way. Big fat raindrops fell onto the roof in a rhythmic nature lulling me to sleep. It is the best way to fall asleep.

Tonight I resort to my noise machine to recreate mother nature’s music. It won’t be the same.

April Showers

Mood Music

I am one of those people that would much rather listen to an album than watch a movie or television show. Music transforms my moods. My mood shapes what music is played. It is a magical, wonderful thing–music.

When I say music, what pops into your head?

I use to listen to music on Pandora religiously, before their upgrades and ads. I still occasionally listen to my custom station, tLa’s mix, but not nearly as often as I log in to my iHeartRadio app. I have a Kindle Fire and when I am reading I like to listen to music in the background.

Where/how do you listen to music?

At night as I am falling asleep I listen to acoustic songs or ambient music (like rainymood). Right now my mood has been bouncing between 90’s music and the newest Modest Mouse album, Strangers to Ourselves. 

Tonight I am finishing a book for book club (because I am so behind) while listening to either a Blur or Modest Mouse playlist on youtube (another great place to listen to music).

Who is on your playlist?
Mood Music


My loyal readers can probably tell that I have not been in a writing mood this past week or longer. It has been difficult to write on the prompts I follow or even any topic. I am not really sure why I have this sudden “block” but it makes updating daily very daunting.

The weather around here has not helped with my mood or creativity. All I want to do is cuddle in my bed and read all day. Today it snowed all day long, which is the third time this week we have dealt with snow. There is also more snow in the forecast for this time next week. I really have no room to complain, I mean I could be stuck in New England with all their snow problems.


The snow is pretty to look at and photograph. Everything outside is clean and crisp. The only problem is that you can not stay outside very long or go very far and if you try it is at a slower pace than normal. Basically, I am ready for spring. How about you?