Throwback, The Last Song

The last concert I can remember going to was at the Missouri State Fair, an old tradition. I would attend the fair every year and depending on the talent booked would also attend a concert. This year, 2009 I believe, was Heart so I had to go. My friends and I were a handful of young people at this show, everyone else was 20 years our senior. It goes to show that at any age you can enjoy an evening out listening to good music. The performance was great and the one memory I can recall was a lot of laughs with friends.

For your viewing pleasure.

Throwback, The Last Song

What Time Is It?

I am addicted to a kid’s show. There, I said it, I admit it. I like the Bubble Guppies.

I have been watching during the week with my niece and I enjoy it more and more each day. I think the one reason I like it so much is this song. Mr. Grouper’s Line Up song is one of the best things ever. It’s so catchy.

The show is pretty cute and the story lines are entertaining but I really like the music in the show.

what show are you addicted to?

Important to Me


Today I’m posing the question, what band or musician is important to you?

I found this a tough question. Narrowing a choice to one artist would be like picking your favorite child (to me at least). So I choose music in general. I listen to music at least once a day if not more. Without music my life would be black and white. The playlist below is a good example of what I have been listening to lately.

What’s on your playlist this week?

Important to Me