Reason 763 the Internet Wins

The Internet is an amazing place full of wonder and surprise (and the bad too but today is all about positivism). I like hopping around finding new things (hello reddit and stumbleupon) and tonight I found something I have needed awhile now–a topic generator. Sometimes I have no idea what to talk about or I worry my randomness might not translate well onto the blog but I think this topic generator is a genius idea.

Do any of you use outside sources for ideas? What factors determine your update topic?

The generator suggested the topicĀ big versus small housesĀ and the ideas started percolating. I have been in love with tiny homes for years now. I am lucky they are on trend now so I can get more ideas for my own dream tiny home. I think the thing I like the most about a tiny home is the multi-functional uses of almost everything in the home. Plus I have always wanted to have my bedroom in a loft.

Another big plus for me is my own footprint I am leaving behind. Part of the reason I became a vegetarian was to eliminate a small portion of my carbon footprint. The idea of a tiny home and it’s impact on the environment appeals to my sensibilities.

My dream tiny house would be nestled in an urban area between two buildings where you wouldn’t expect a home to be or on the other end, near the water with a serene view in the Pacific Northwest.

What’s your opinion, big house or smaller home?
Reason 763 the Internet Wins

Shutter Bug

What was your last major purchase?


For nearly a decade I have been taking photographs. It calms me, centers me, and allows me to express myself. Photography is one of my loves.

Three years ago I purchased my first DSLR and haven’t looked back. Usually major purchases involve a mix of buyer’s guilt and indecision for me, but not this time. It was my Christmas present to myself.

In_a_Row_by_teafunny35th_Street_by_teafunnyThis shot is one of my firsts taken in my hometown. I love the simplicity of black and white photos, the whole story of the photo is hidden with the details just beneath the surface. I try to have my camera with me at all times, not knowing when inspiration will hit.

This is a later shot in Seattle that was taken while I was on vacation. It is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. All of Washington was amazing and perfect to photograph. The Pacific Northwest is my dream destination.

My weakness in photography is portraits. I am never happy with what I manage to capture. Plus, I guess I am not a people person which would be helpful when trying to photograph others.

What hobby of yours keeps you sane?
Shutter Bug


I love this place so much that I put a bird on it.

Portland is weird and that’s why I’m in love with it. Arrived and spent a short amount of time in the pearl/abc district. Getting around was easy enough, the light rail lines get you around to the major parts of the city. I’m a book nerd so finally going to Powell’s city of books was indescribable.

The food was fresh, the coffee pours freely, and I didn’t feel like an outsider. Thus it was sad to leave after such a short stay. This area of the U.S. is by far my favourite. The mix of water and mountains or all the green space. It truly is a magical place. I highly recommend a visit to this area to everyone.

I’m on my way to the third city on my train trip…Chicago. This is also a favourite destination of mine. This leg of the trip is the longest; I’ll be glad to have it behind me.