Mood Music

I am one of those people that would much rather listen to an album than watch a movie or television show. Music transforms my moods. My mood shapes what music is played. It is a magical, wonderful thing–music.

When I say music, what pops into your head?

I use to listen to music on Pandora religiously, before their upgrades and ads. I still occasionally listen to my custom station, tLa’s mix, but not nearly as often as I log in to my iHeartRadio app. I have a Kindle Fire and when I am reading I like to listen to music in the background.

Where/how do you listen to music?

At night as I am falling asleep I listen to acoustic songs or ambient music (like rainymood). Right now my mood has been bouncing between 90’s music and the newest Modest Mouse album, Strangers to Ourselves. 

Tonight I am finishing a book for book club (because I am so behind) while listening to either a Blur or Modest Mouse playlist on youtube (another great place to listen to music).

Who is on your playlist?
Mood Music