Top Ten Tuesday, Reading Habits

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Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit

Bad Reading Habits

Back in March I posted some reading habits I wanted to maintain or change, so nearly 7 months later I thought I would revisit the idea to see how I was doing.

  1. Reading too fast. Sometimes I am too concerned with what will happen next that I forget to savor the details between events.
  2. Staying up late. Just last night I stayed up way, way late to finish a book. I love getting sucked into a fictional world but hate when I have to leave it, even if for only a handful of hours. Sometimes I wish sleep weren’t so necessary.
  3. Juggling too many books. I am a mood reader so I tend to read more than one book at a time (honestly I usually shuffle between 3-5 books). Many of my books are sitting around waiting to be finished. I either have to reread them or forget that I started them in the first place.
  4. Book shaming. I used to get embarrassed about what I was reading (*cough* Twilight) but now I don’t judge others based on the books they are reading. I didn’t start reading for pleasure until I got to university. It was usually over breaks, especially summer, and it was most likely a romance novel. I slowly progressed into other genres and then Harry Potter ignited the reading fire and I haven’t looked back since. Reading is reading and we should celebrate all genres and formats.
  5. Reading, no matter what. I need to learn to set books aside either for good or for another time maybe even in a different format. I have always had a rule that I have to finish reading a book. I know many have this issue as well. I’m not sure where I learned this but I’m slowly training myself that giving up on a book isn’t something to feel guilty about and obsess over. Sometimes a book just needs to be marked DNF.
  6. No words. I am trying to get into the habit of reviewing the books I read. I sometimes do it and often don’t get around to it. I’m working on changing that because I enjoy reading other’s thoughts on books I’ve read. Being more active in the book community is a goal I’m still working on improving.
  7. Ignoring recommendations. I read reviews and follow numerous book bloggers (obviously since I’m a TTT participant) so when someone recommends a book I will consider it but often don’t follow through with getting my hands on the book. I will forget, the book will get lost on my “tbr” shelf, or I doubt the integrity of the recommendation. I’m not a picky person but how do I really know that what one person likes I too will like.
  8. Ignoring my books. I have reading slumps (or pauses, to be more positive) twice a year and spend many days in a row or even a week or more not reading. I’d love to read something, anything daily because I’m a firm believer in ‘use it or lose it’ when talking about your brain. Reading is the key to learning. Every time you pick up a book you have the opportunity to learn something new–about a new world or even about yourself. Basically, reading should be in my daily routine even if for only five minutes in the morning before starting my day.
  9. Comfort zone. I tend to go through phases with reading. I’m currently in my young adult genre phase. Most of the books I’m reading are in that genre and I can’t take the blinders off to peruse other genres. The same thing happens with format. During the summer I was on an audio-book kick and now I’m back to physical books. I’m trying to balance between e-book and physical books but there is always a preference. Huge books also intimidate me or long series. In this instant gratification world I tend to let societal norms dictate my choices in reading material. I am aware of these shortcomings in my choices and working to change that about myself.
  10. Book club or bust. I am 0/6 on finding a book club that fits my needs. One of my goals for 2016 is to find a group to join and become an active member of book discussions. The groups I have joined in the past have fit some of my reading needs but ended up not being a good fit. The next group I join will be a success.

My goal in March was to read more to get that “to be read pile” smaller. I am not too concerned about the quantity of books I read but with the quality of my reading time. I want an enjoyable experience. There is something about the euphoria a good book can bring. Reading is my drug of choice. The good reading habits outweigh the bad habits but one struggle will always be present–too many books, so little time.

What reading habits do you want to change/struggle with?
Top Ten Tuesday, Reading Habits