Reading Review, August 2015

Four years ago I read 54 books and I am hoping to get close to that number again for this year. I am currently at 37 books so 17 more books doesn’t seem like much but this time of year is a busy one.

This past month I managed to read 7 enjoyable books with my lowest rating a 3. Here’s the breakdown:

Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility, audio book, 12 hrs and 43 mins

Just ListenIsla and the Happily Ever AfterCinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)

Just Listen, 384 pages

Isla and the Happily Ever After, 368 pages

Cinder, 390 pages

Scarlet, 452 pages (my longest read!)


Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2)
Anna and the French Kiss 3, 372 pages

Lola and the Boy Next Door 3, 384 pages

There’s my month in review. I need to get focused and get my A to Z challenge back on task. I have read 14/26 authors and 15/26 titles thus far which means I have the last half of the alphabet to read.

I hope September is as successful in reading as the last month. Happy reading, all!

Reading Review, August 2015

What’s in a Name?


What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
–Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

A breakdown of the name of this blog.

  • First, I go by teafunny a pun about my name, Tiffany. A friend started calling me this and it stuck, plus I like it.
  • daily dose of reality is a phrase from Stand Here With Me, a favorite song of mine.
  • The actual blog address is busysbestie. I first started blogging over on Blogger with my best friend Busy. When I wrote a post I would sign the end with BB, Busy’s Bestie, or just Bestie. I wanted “my own” blog name to use for commenting on the blogs we followed and interacted with regularly. I ended up using it as my own personal site now and never changed the name.

Also happy May the Fourth (be with you) and cinco de cuatro.

How did your blog name originate?
What’s in a Name?

Diary of a Cat Lady


I find myself tossing and turning every night this last week. What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? I have the luxury of two cats, with a nocturnal schedule, keeping me awake at night or rather waking me up as I fall asleep. As I drift off to sleep I hear the purring first and then plop, there is a cat walking up my side settling in massaging my hip with kitty happy paws.

Waking up this morning to meowing wasn’t strange, the two of them were hungry. I stumble out of bed and feed the buggers. I wasn’t as grumpy as I could have been because I went to bed knowing I had an early morning. Sundays are a day to relax in our house. I normally wake up and read for an hour or two. Today was no different, I am slowly making my way through a nonfiction work.

We had a family outing scheduled for the afternoon. So after running to the coffeehouse for a latte and picking up some Mother’s Day cards I was back in the car and on my way to my brother-in-law’s workplace. It was great to see such an iconic place where so much amazing work gets done. My BIL was happy to show us around; he was a fun tour guide.

After making a stop to check out a sale after the tour we had to stop at the grocery store. This is usually a task but my niece was an angel. She loves going out, smiles at everyone. She’s such a ham.

It was an exhausting day. Whenever I am out in the sun it zaps my energy. Plus I walked around a mile or so in that building. Getting home was heavenly, I immediately kicked off my shoes and changed into comfy “house clothes”. You know the type, yoga pants and a tank top. No one wanted to cook (we rarely cook after going to the grocery store, weird) so pizza was ordered and we settled in for the night.

Today’s daily challenge was a detailed review of my day. I suck at the details but it’s something I’m working on.

How was your weekend?
Diary of a Cat Lady


and Where to Live

I took the quiz to determine my personality indicator. It changed recently from my previous INTJ to ISTJ, the “Examiner”. Not too big of a shift but I was curious if others ever had a shift. It makes sense that as you age your personality would also change and broaden because the way you see the world and the way you behave has changed. Here are my results explained:

Where do I get my energy?

  • Introversion, 100% Extraversion, 0%
    • My energy is from the ideas, pictures, memories, and reactions that are inside my head, in my inner world. I work best alone or in a small group of familiar people. I think before I act. Sometimes the idea of something is better than the real thing.

How do I take in information?

  • Sensing, 70% Intuition, 30%
    • I use my senses to process information. Facts guide me and I remember details better when the information is important to me. Practicality is important to me. Experience speaks to me louder than words.

How I make decisions?

  • Thinking, 80% Feeling 20%
    • My head guides me more than my heart when I make decisions. Pros and cons help me stay logical when deciding and I try to keep my feelings out of my decisions, always trying to stay rational. 

How I organize my world?

  • Judging, 65% Perceiving 35%
    • My world as others see it or my “outer” world is organized and structured. I make lists and like to complete tasks. I feel more comfortable when things are settled or decided. My philosophy is work then play, I don’t mix the two. On the inside, I feel flexible and open to new information and may be more carefree than what I present on the outside to others.

I saw an article about where to live according to your personality and thought it was interesting. I went from awesome Seattle with my previous personality results to now Berlin. Here’s what the article has to say about my results:

ISTJ – Berlin, Germany

ISTJs like clear-cut, upstanding efficiency – and Germany offers the ideal cultural fit. The historical city of Berlin holds a heavy focus on education, development and intellect, which appeals to the no-nonsense nature of the ISTJ. This type doesn’t hesitate when it comes to getting things done and they enjoy living in a city that holds the same value. Patriotic to the core but private with their personal lives, this type enjoys the structured, independent values of Germany.

What is your personality and where should you live?

Find more information about the Myers-Briggs personality test here.


Atypical Day

What made today unusual?

I have a thing for numbers making today put a smile on my face. When looking at the month and day only, 01/23, an order is in place. My day was very much in order. I got things done, the day went quickly, and at the end of the day I made it through.
Today is National Handwriting Day and I’ve yet to put pen to paper which is not that uncommon in this technological age. I’ll leave this post with this so that I can go celebrate Handwriting Day.

Today is a most unusual day,

because we have never lived it before;

we will never live it again;

it is the only day we have.

–William Arthur Ward

Atypical Day

Looking In

What are you most grateful for?

Back in November I pondered this question. Of course I came up with the usual responses–family, friends, good health, etc. However, thinking about it now leaves me contemplating my choices. The word most is tripping me up. What is the one thing or idea that I am most grateful for? These soul searching questions usually have me dumbstruck, feeling like a toddler trying to piece together a complete sentence.

At this moment in my life I am grateful for second chances or being able to learn from mistakes. Many, like myself, have been stuck in a rut during their life and the small opportunities for a second chance or wisp of hope helps you to keep moving forward. The light at the end of the tunnel is a very powerful thing, even pessimists admit to it’s existence.

The holiday season may be over and a new year is upon us but I hope that the spirit of the holiday continues on. Kindness is overly taken for granted and scoffed at too many times. The simple act of a smile can change someone’s day. Be kind to one another and help make this world a better place to live.

Looking In

The End

SONY DSCCheers! Another year has come and gone. I swear I say it every NYE but it felt like time flew by this year. You never accomplish as much as you set out to do, never go the places you imagine, and never quite live up to your full potential.

This new year I want to change all that. Each day is a gift and I want to live each day to the fullest. I’ve tried working on small goals to stay motivated but always fell off track. My resolutions are usually themed around the same topic but this year I plan to get more done. Live more, move more, do more. Simple yet manageable.

What goals are you setting for the coming year?

The End


“Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me? 
When will my reflection show 
Who I am inside?”

As Christina wisely sang, I’m working on “me time” which included catching up on my TBR pile of books. I set a goal each year trying to increase my books read, this year has been a bit slow for me. I’m going to get my pile down before going back to writing, hence the silence these past weeks. Reading also helps with inspiration.

Do any of you have a reading challenge each year? Are you on schedule or behind like I am?