Top Ten Tuesday, Movie/Television Stars

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 Top Ten Books I’d Love To See As Movies/TV Shows

I did a similar topic about 5 weeks ago about characters that deserve their own show/movie so if you read that some of these answers below will overlap.

The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)Little Lady, Big Apple (The Little Lady Agency, #2)The Little Lady Agency and the Prince (The Little Lady Agency, #3)

This series is a set that needs a movie or two. Half Bridget Jones (the sass and wit) and half The Princess Diaries (the charm), Melissa Romney-Jones had me rooting for her since the first chapter. She’s an extremely likable character and her story needs some screen time. The entire time I was reading these books it felt like I was watching a Lifetime movie (or something similar). This series has all the qualities of a good rom-com, Hollywood make this happen.

Spooky Little Girl

I think this book would make a great indie film. I am a fan of Notaro’s humor essays; her wit cuts like a knife. I would probably watch anything inspired by her work.

Matched (Matched, #1)Crossed (Matched, #2)Reached (Matched, #3)

I guess like the YA dystopian legend before this book, I should mention that this would make an entertaining movie trilogy and that I would probably watch it even though I thought the book were good, not great.

the last year series

Whispers in Autumn and the rest of the Last Year series would make an interesting TV show. I would probably only want 4 seasons of the show which would tie nicely into the premise of the books (the four seasons of the year are even a character).

This was a bit of a challenge since a handful of the books I have read are already in the process of being made for television or movie screen. And many of my favorites were made into movies long ago.

What book turned movie/tv show is your favorite adaptation?

Top Ten Tuesday, Movie/Television Stars

Curious Collections

Day 3 of 7

favorite series

My favorite series is the Harry Potter books which I discussed yesterday. So today I will talk about some other series that are recent reads which I enjoyed.


So I am late to this series but that won’t stop me from commenting about it. I am glad I didn’t start reading in 2012 because these books are best when read together. I hate waiting between books because I have a terrible memory and by the time the next book is out I have forgotten the plot of the previous. I found this series could have been one long book and I would have enjoyed it more. If you haven’t read it and enjoy dystopian fiction or young adult, I recommend this series to you.

the last year series

I discovered this series last year and it swept me away. It reminds me of a mix between Condie’s Matched series and The Hunger Games. It was slow to start but by page 50 or so I could not put it down and immediately had to download the other three books in the series. It was also published in 2012 so you’re lucky that you can read all at once and not wait to continue the story. The covers are beautifully done and I would read these books again, so highly recommended.
The last series I’ll mention is from an author you probably know from either Vampire Academy or Bloodlines. Richelle Mead is one of my go to reads, I have enjoyed all the books from her that I have read. The Georgina Kincaid series is one of my favorites but Dark Swan is on my to read list, so that might change.
Which series is your first to recommend? Which book series can you not stop obsessing over?
Curious Collections