Spring Clean

Only 2 more weeks until SPRING! I am ready. Today I started my spring cleaning. Does anyone else spring clean each year? Most of my time was spent in the living room moving furniture around to a new layout. Tomorrow will be my bedroom’s turn for a new arrangement and some purging of items.

Like most people on the East Coast hit by the latest winter storm I spent a few hours outside today clearing snow from all the surfaces. We had around 7 inches to clear. There is nicer weather in the forecast and I am so, so excited that I am already making plans for activities I will do outside in the next week.

14 days left of possible gross cold weather so I made a list of things to do when I am stuck inside.

  • diy projects (crafting)
  • baking
  • netflix
  • reading (my to-read pile is getting smaller)
  • cleaning
  • email, letters, and phone calls to friends
How do you chase away the winter blues?
Spring Clean


My loyal readers can probably tell that I have not been in a writing mood this past week or longer. It has been difficult to write on the prompts I follow or even any topic. I am not really sure why I have this sudden “block” but it makes updating daily very daunting.

The weather around here has not helped with my mood or creativity. All I want to do is cuddle in my bed and read all day. Today it snowed all day long, which is the third time this week we have dealt with snow. There is also more snow in the forecast for this time next week. I really have no room to complain, I mean I could be stuck in New England with all their snow problems.


The snow is pretty to look at and photograph. Everything outside is clean and crisp. The only problem is that you can not stay outside very long or go very far and if you try it is at a slower pace than normal. Basically, I am ready for spring. How about you?




Today’s temperature was a lovely high of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone has been freaking out about the winter storm Juno. Luckily here (near DC) there has not been too much winter going on outside.

SONY DSCI am not the biggest fan of winter, but it does make pretty photos. There are quite a few things about winter that I do love. I like watching snow fall. Snowflakes are one of my favorite things and I have dreamed about having a winter wedding. Hot chocolate or hot coffee is the best part about mornings in the winter. Winter fashion is my favorite and sweaters are the best. Blizzards sound terrible but being snowed in and spending the day reading seems like a day well spent. My house would be amazing if it had a fireplace, then I would never leave the house during the winter. Even though the weather is cold, I would much rather be cold than too hot.

The view from my bedroom, quite calming. I hope to venture out tomorrow for some more photos. Stay warm, New Englanders.





Another day, another photo. I’m two for two but we’ll see as the month progresses how my ratio falls.
It was another great weather day here, so I spent my afternoon walking. Autumn weather is perfection. During the beginning of the season it’s warm but a cool breeze floats to and fro. Toward the end of the season you’ll experience the wonderment of hoodie weather.

What kind of weather gets you outdoors?