Friday Reads


I have been on a reading “pause” but today I decided to pick up a fun read that I knew I’d enjoy. I’m only a few pages in and the characters already seem like friends. Love, love, love Rowell’s writing.

What are you reading this weekend?
Friday Reads


My weekend has been full of Netflix during downtime. I have been in between shows and full of boredom (summer woes). I just started PLL and am surprised how fast I am in to it. The show has been on my radar I just haven’t been in the mood to watch it. I guess that is what summer is all about.

what’s on your to be watched list or a new show you can’t get enough of?

Down Time

With a bit of time on my hands this weekend I am treating myself to the couch potato life. I have been reading from my TBR pile (trying to make a dent in my 2015 list). I am almost caught up on the television shows I have queued on Netflix. The last thing I am indulging in are movies.

I watched Cake (which I enjoyed and may have shed a tear or two) yesterday and tonight I finally got around to Gone Girl.

I read the book in April but did not get around to watching the film until now. It was well executed. I recommend getting the author to write the screenplay.

Which book to film projects have you seen? tell me if it was a hit or miss.
Down Time

Seven Things.

For me Sunday marks the beginning of a new week. It is the end of the weekend and usually a day devoted to rest but it also a day in which I try to finish up the week’s worth of things on my to do list.

Seven things still on my mind from this past week:

  1. The dog needs a haircut, in fact, so do I. The weather is starting to change and it is the “kick off of summer” because of the holiday so a shorter hairdo is in order before it gets sweltering outdoors. Also I’m debating, fringe or not?
  2. I am behind on my (required by me) reading and need to get in gear to move on to more books. Also, I need to catch up on reviews that have yet to be written.
  3. I am a crappy friend and unless I write on my to do list to email people or call so-and-so for their birthday I will forget. If I were offered one upgrade to my current self, I would choose a memory that works just like google.
  4. This last week I finished a few projects but I still have some past their deadline. I need to stay motivated this week to get things done again. I did manage to get caught up in numerous areas so I’m not too worried about feeling bogged down this week.
  5. I did a blog redesign but now I need to get more organized and more interaction with followers and blogs I follow. There is always room to improve.
  6. Cookies will be made this week because they have been on my list of things to do for the longest. Yum, cookies!
  7. It’s almost time to switch out the wardrobe for lighter layers since the hot weather is encroaching. This means I have a date with my closet this week and I’ll be making a trip to the donation drop center again. But on the plus side, I am making room for new clothes to take the space of the old I don’t use.
What are your seven?
Seven Things.

Diary of a Cat Lady


I find myself tossing and turning every night this last week. What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? I have the luxury of two cats, with a nocturnal schedule, keeping me awake at night or rather waking me up as I fall asleep. As I drift off to sleep I hear the purring first and then plop, there is a cat walking up my side settling in massaging my hip with kitty happy paws.

Waking up this morning to meowing wasn’t strange, the two of them were hungry. I stumble out of bed and feed the buggers. I wasn’t as grumpy as I could have been because I went to bed knowing I had an early morning. Sundays are a day to relax in our house. I normally wake up and read for an hour or two. Today was no different, I am slowly making my way through a nonfiction work.

We had a family outing scheduled for the afternoon. So after running to the coffeehouse for a latte and picking up some Mother’s Day cards I was back in the car and on my way to my brother-in-law’s workplace. It was great to see such an iconic place where so much amazing work gets done. My BIL was happy to show us around; he was a fun tour guide.

After making a stop to check out a sale after the tour we had to stop at the grocery store. This is usually a task but my niece was an angel. She loves going out, smiles at everyone. She’s such a ham.

It was an exhausting day. Whenever I am out in the sun it zaps my energy. Plus I walked around a mile or so in that building. Getting home was heavenly, I immediately kicked off my shoes and changed into comfy “house clothes”. You know the type, yoga pants and a tank top. No one wanted to cook (we rarely cook after going to the grocery store, weird) so pizza was ordered and we settled in for the night.

Today’s daily challenge was a detailed review of my day. I suck at the details but it’s something I’m working on.

How was your weekend?
Diary of a Cat Lady


The end of the month is always a busy time, plus it is the weekend. I have a to-do list to write so that I can cross off all my items that I wish to accomplish and add in some relaxing time. I have letters to write, birthday gifts to mail, book club to stay updated on, book reviews to finish, reading to catch up on, and House of Cards season 3 to watch. I am starting with the binge watching. Have a good weekend, all!


The Sun Will Come Out

Tomorrow will be better because it will finally be the weekend!

Fridays are great because it signals the end of the work week. In the morning I spend daydreaming and making mental notes about my plans for the weekend. I don’t have a care in the world and I don’t sweat the small stuff. It is hard to stress me out or irritate me on Friday mornings. By the afternoon my mood starts to shift. I get more antsy and hyped up for the bliss that is the weekend. I relish in the thought of walking into my home and removing my pants. What is it about women and taking off their pants? Pants at home are restricted to yoga pants (insert your personal style type here) or no pants. And then Friday night, I tend to stay in to relax and unwind over a more complex dinner than the rest of the week.

Saturdays should be longer. Saturday mornings are spent preparing fancy breakfasts, sipping on coffee, and reading. I will usually pick one thing to get done on Saturday, a must do item like going to the grocery store or picking up something new from the mall. I only change this plan when there is an event in town I want to see or a family/friend obligation is scheduled. Saturday night’s alright for fighting. Saturday night is spent enjoying life, in any way that feels right.

Sunday is catch up day. That morning is for cleaning and other housework. I usually end up doing laundry on this day. Sunday is when the fun of the weekend wears off and it’s back to business. Even though Monday is right around the corner, Sunday evening is great for relaxing and enjoying the last moments of the weekend. Sunday night is the most common night for takeout in this house. Time in the kitchen is minimal unless the mood to bake something strikes me. I usually try to fit in some reading on Sunday, where I can.

Are your weekends elaborately planned or do you take each moment as it comes?

I only have one plan for this weekend. I’m participating in the National Readathon Day on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Hopefully I can get ahead on my reading challenge.

The Sun Will Come Out