Winding Down

The end of my vacation is near. I am looking forward to returning home and back to my routine.

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUSY! I will be celebrating today over our favorite meal, super nachos.

Sorry for the lack of a real update. More quality posts to come in September.Until next time…


Day 79 of 2015

I have been updating daily for a total of 79 days so far. I didn’t think I had it in me to keep up with my blogging every day but thus far I am doing okay. *pats my back* Way to go, me.

Quick list of what’s up:

  • it snowed today and everyone FLIPPED out because it’s the first day of spring and we’re all tired of the cold
  • a friend of mine just had her baby yesterday, not all babies are cute :-/
  • I WILL finish one of my books this weekend, currently reading 4
  • and another goal for the weekend is to catch up on emails (sorry Busy, it will happen soon)
  • lastly, I hope everyone reading this has a great weekend


The end of the month is always a busy time, plus it is the weekend. I have a to-do list to write so that I can cross off all my items that I wish to accomplish and add in some relaxing time. I have letters to write, birthday gifts to mail, book club to stay updated on, book reviews to finish, reading to catch up on, and House of Cards season 3 to watch. I am starting with the binge watching. Have a good weekend, all!