Calling All Muggles

Day 2 of 7

a book you have read more than thrice (three times)


The only book that comes to mind is the Harry Potter series. If you haven’t read these books yet, I highly recommend them.

Like many Potterheads, I have probably read the books a thousand times especially books one through five. The months spent waiting between book releases was such a torture. I even tried to pass the time between book releases by reading the books out of order, in order, and reverse order.

I have a confession. Since 2007, the release of the last book, I have only read Deathly Hallows two times, total. Crazy I know! I am not sure why I have not read it more and I have had the desire to read the whole series again but it has yet to happen. The last book left me very emotional. It was the end to a decade of my life spent in this fantasy world. Goodbyes are always difficult, leaving this series behind was no different for me. I am not even sure why the books stayed with me the way they still do to this day. At least once a day I have a thought that relates back to Harry Potter. The story was magical and pure. The characters were my friends when I was reading. The setting was somewhere I wanted to visit and experience for myself. J.K. Rowling is an amazing writer for inspiring such love for these books in her readers. I am very thankful that she made reading cool again, and continues to do so today.

Which book do you read over and over again? Have one that means the world to you?
Calling All Muggles

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