Say a Little Prayer

A loss of life has me questioning my faith/beliefs. I have never been keen to label myself one way or another. Rarely are things in life either black or white, we live in the gray. I am currently being tested on what I believe and I’m reevaluating my stance.

Today my family suffered a loss, one taken before given the chance to achieve. I am not sure what I do or do not believe but I know others are certain. I am leaning on you now. Say a small prayer or send good thoughts into the world for my sister and her husband in the next few weeks, today especially, and to our family in general.

I know others are in need as well, so tonight I’ll be thinking of you and wishing good thoughts your way. Also, I’ll be taking some time away from the blog to focus on family. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support. May your life path be paved with happiness and hope.

xx, tiffany

Say a Little Prayer


The past few months have been a bit chaotic, mentally. As each day goes by I get more unorganized and more scatterbrained. Today I sat down to tackle some issues I’ve been procrastinating.

  1. Email inbox.
    Besides the usual (deleting those pesky newsletters & junk) I am terrible at keeping my inbox clear. I also lack responding to emails in a timely fashion. Today I manged to reply to Busy, an email six weeks in the making, and deleted items from my social/promotion tabs.
    How do you manage your inbox?
  2. Scheduling posts. 
    I have used this feature off and on but today I’m looking into a more solid plan to use scheduling for my blog. Usually each day I carve out an hour of my time to write an update. The post feels lacking or rushed and not from the heart. In the future I’d like to improve my content and post thoughtful updates.
    Do you use the schedule feature?
  3. Bookshelves.
    I used to be organized and I realize this every time I open up Goodreads. Years ago I discovered GR and the OCD side of me rejoiced. Now I am working on getting my bookshelves more organized and labelled efficiently for easy perusing. This will also help with reading challenges in the future.
    Bookshelves, to organize or not to organize?
  4. Memories. I take leisure photos but rarely manage to upload, edit, or review a batch before taking on a new project. This is a big task I need to get under control and it will take time but I am going to try to spend a small amount of time every day to get this done.
    What daily routine helps keep you sane?

That may seem like a lot to some and not many things to others, for me it is just enough for now. Time management used to be a strength of mine so I plan to remedy my current situation.

Do you have any tips for managing life, time, reading, self, etc.?